PS (Polystyrene)


- BLow cost.
- Transparent.
- High stiffness.
- Good dimensional stability.
- Good electrical properties, low dielectric loss.
- Excellent resistance to gamma radiation.
- FDA compliant.
- Recyclability of the material.
- Low density.
- Safety when broken (contrary to glass for shower stalls for instance).


Polystyrene (PS) is a thermoplastic polymere that is obtained through the polymerization of styrene. Polystyrene is a tough and transparent plastic. Nowadays, polystyrene is among the most heavily used thermoplastics in the industry. We can find 4 principal types of polystyrene: cristal polystyrene (transparent, rigid and brittle), high impact polystyrene (tough and opaque), expanded polystyrene (lightweight) and the extruded polystyrene (similar to the expanded one but denser and waterproof).

Usual uses

Yoghurt pots, plastic cutlery, protective packaging for electronic goods and toys, insulating material, protective packaging,containers, lids, cups, bottles, dairy packaging, meat trays, egg cartons, cassettes, CD, industrial packaging, toys, disposables, shower stalls