LDPE (Polyethylene low density)


- Very low cost.
- Excellent thermal and chemical resistance.
- Very good processablity.
- High impact strength at low temperature.
- Excellent electrical insulating properties.
- Very low water absorption.
- Milky colored, it can be transparent depending on its thickness.
- More flexible than HDPE.


LDPE is a polymer of the family of the olefin polymers (like polypropylene). It is a thermoplastic polymer made of repetitive units of ethylene. It is called LDPE for its English acronym: Low-Density PolyEthylene (LDPE) or PolyEthylene Low-Density (PELD). Like thermoplastics, LDPE can be recycled. LDPE is a polymer with multiple branching, as a result, it has a lower density than HDPE.

Usual uses

Carrier bags, bin liners and packaging films, flexible lids and bottles, along with grocery and garbage bags, and
coating for milk cartons, in wire and cable applications, protective devices (helmets, knee pads, elbow pads...), washers, spacers, plugs and caps, plastic bags, household goods, food packaging, detergents and other chemicals, toys, pallets, waterproofing of land, parts for the automotive sector.